​Anxiety ​Therapy

Anxiety Therapy - In The Arena

​Feels like "fight or flight"

​Anxiety is one of the most common reasons that people reach out to us.  It comes in many forms, ranging from social discomfort to severe panic attacks. 

We often tell people that anxiety feels like “fight or flight” happening out of context.  It’s like your body is gearing up for a tiger attack – but there’s no tiger. You may wake up from a dead sleep drenched in sweat, heart pounding and overwhelmed with fear (of what, you have no idea!).  

​It’s the tightness in your chest, the tingling in your extremities or the heavy sensation in your stomach. Anxiety can even cause nausea, diarrhea, or other gastric problems!

Anxiety Therapy - In The Arena

​Social Anxiety

​On another spectrum, it might feel like intense fear of being rejected or disliked.  Many people experience anxiety in the form of social disconnection, shame, feeling like “the weird one”, as though they don’t belong or won’t be accepted.  It might feel like you have no tolerance for people; everything and everyone irritates you (or terrifies you).  

With this type of anxiety, you may feel extremely uncomfortable entering ANY social situation and often avoid people for this reason.  Social anxiety is extremely common and can certainly be helped

​Other Manifestations of Anxiety

​There are multiple other manifestations of anxiety, such as obsessive/intrusive thoughts, compulsions, rituals, phobias, avoidance behaviors, skin picking, hair pulling, or just about anything you can imagine that the brain might conjure up in response to trauma or other stressors.

The human experience is complex, so please don’t think your “thing” is something to be ashamed of!  We get it!  You’re human – we’re human - and we’re here to help!  Let’s jump In The Arena and set you free from the fear!

​What Our Clients Are Saying

Billy Kilgore

Working with Summer’s team has totally transformed my life. I went through the EMDR program and now I live a confident, fulfilling and happy life. Thank you, Summer for everything!

Billy Kilgore, CEO

Blake M.

I was facing the most extreme case of anxiety I had ever known. I was using Xanax and other anti-depressants to cope with my day to day activities. Summer introduced me to EMDR where I was forced to face my fears and find the root cause of my anxiety. Fast forward 3 months and I’m free of ANY medications. EMDR helped me find my root cause and I’m so thankful!

Blake M., Professional Sales


I’ve benefited greatly from EMDR treatment. For example, many of my fears and anxieties through all of these years have been reduced with just a few sessions of EMDR. I feel like these fears have been processed to the point, where I’m not influenced by these challenges anymore. Thank you, Holly.


Sareena P.

It’s like Summer took all of my puzzle pieces, put them together and showed me the finished puzzle. She helped me understand why I behave the way I do, where the root of my problems stem from. I will never stop recommending her. Thank you Summer for rescuing me from myself.

Sareena P.

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​Most Common Questions

FAQs - In The Arena

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